FIELD OF STREAMS mourns the loss of Bob Saget with a few of his great roles that now streaming for our enjoyment

Sines is an awesome electronic pop musician, but he also likes to play with film edits and loves talking movies

With a journey that includes film school and a plethora of music, 1st Base Runner’s Tim Husmann is now creating awesome and eclectic music with a truly cinematic feel

This week’s FIELD OF STREAMS features some great films from the late James Bond star, now streaming for your holiday enjoyment

With great additions new and old on our favorite streamers to new services launched, STREAMtober is here for all of it

Honoring the late indie genre filmmaker with another very special FIELD OF STREAMS

The great Michael K. Williams left us this past week, but he also left us a legacy of great roles and important representation

The FIELD OF STREAMS team bands together to celebrate the works of Sonny Chiba, whom the world tragically lost to COVID last week

Justin Harlan

founder of, writer for and, father, husband, Sixers and Eagles fan, lover of film and music, just some dude

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